Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Öræfajökull volcano, Iceland

I was quite amazed when I opened my mailbox one day to find this card that had travelled from frigid Iceland to sunny Singapore! This is the Öræfajökull volacno:

This is definitely one of my facourite cards! Sent by Sigga from Iceland on the 25th June 2012. What a wonderful experience! Afterall, how often does one get to receive a card from Iceland? And here is the picture of the stamp:

The stamp is part of a series issued on 3rd May 2012. The images are weaved into QR codes, which makes it pretty special. Here is the complete series. 

Pretty cool right? :D

Ohrid, Macedonia

I have received quite a number of postcards, but I never quite expected to receive one from Macedonia. This card is a really special one. Sent by Ana from the beautiful Balkan state on 13th June 2012.

Tintin postcard, Scotland

This is a postcard from one of my favourite comics, The Adventures of Tintin. I often read the Tintin comic books when I was younger. I've read the English versions and even the German ones!

This card was sent by Katja from Central Scotland, on 11th July 2012. Thank you for the wonderful card Katja!

Santorini, Greece

Here's a beautiful postcard from Greece:

A wonderful view of the island of Santorini! Sent by Nectazia from Athens, Greece on the 9th June 2012. It's not often I receive a postcard from Greece, and I really like this one!

Unicorn maxicard, Australia

Let me share some of the old postcards that I've received.

This is a maxicard of a unicorn, sent by Sue from Melbourne, Australia in the autumn on the 5th May 2012. This is one of my favourite postcards because I like unicorns! Thank you Sue!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Hello and welcome!

Hello there!

greetings from the beautiful city of Singapore! I've created this new blog to document my 'travel' experiences. By 'travel', I am referring to postcard travel. I have decided to use a blog to keep track of the wonderful postcards I have received from around the world, as well as the beautiful stamps that are often used to post these cards. Please do feel free to share your views on my subsequent posts!