Thursday, 21 November 2013

Český Krumlov Castle, Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

I am so glad that I am just a week from the end of my examinations. It has been an exhausting marathon and I thank my followers for sitting through this postcard "drought" for the past 2 months. Though it was a really draining and, personally, torturous journey, it was enriching and I'm glad to be able to make regular updates once again! So here goes, the first card since my 2 month hiatus!

Český Krumlov Castle, Czech Republic. The castle has been standing for more that 700 years, and that is really amazing to me! This is a really beautiful winter night scene of the castle. This'll definitely be on my places to visit list! I shalln't bore you with the history of the castle. You can get more information on the castle's official page here.

A few pretty interesting stamps were used on the envelope. The first is a definitive from the flora series on 29th September 2010. It was issued singly and is a pretty common sight on many postcards. To the right, we have The Mole and The Rocket, issued on 29th May 2013 singly as well. I supposed the comic is a local Czech production because I don't really see this mole anywhere else. Lastly, we have a stamp issued on 29th September 2010 as well, commemorating the country's postal services. It was issued alone as well.

Thank you so much for the beautiful card and stamps Dana! 
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